THE PUSSYBATS more precisely? Come on, anything is rock’n’roll somehow, isn’t it? Isn’t anything emotion? And aren’t the most beautiful tales always the sad ones? After listening to the debut album „famous last songs“, all those quesions are obsolete anyway, you’ll get drawn into the music without any chance to escape. That’s the moment when the meaning of the album title becomes clear: Those are songs worth dying for! The four guys from Stuttgart have emancipated themselves from their influences – going from Johnny Cash to Placebo, the Backyard Babies and Motörhead – and finally found their very self, their own style and sound. Rock riffs, catchy melodies, emotion and melancholy melt into a soul-touching entity. Songs like a rollercoaster ride between a goodbye kiss and a kick in your ass. A voice that’s gonna haunt your dreams. And last but not least, thrilling, entertainment-packed live shows. Starting in 2006, they already managed to gain some attention and gather a constantly grwing fanbase – but now they’re off to hit it big time. It hasn’t been easy yet, and still the real challanges are still to come. But the flame still burns, the will to keep going is stronger than ever. The magic is on – so let the show begin!

release of the album ‘famous last songs’ in January 2009 and the online-single ‘no romeo’ in Summer 2008 via Black Rain Records. Sonic Seducer ‘Battle Of The Bands 2006/2007’ winner (Europe’s biggest newcomer-competition for the so-called ‘dark’ scene)

featured on the compilations „Gothic Spirits 5“ (Zyx Music) and “Aderlass Compilation Vol. 5” as the “Aderlass Newcomer-Tip” (totentanz/ Soulfood). Tracks on compilations of the following magazines: Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Astan Magazin, Insomnia Magazine (UK) Numerous shows in Germany and throughout Europe with The 69 Eyes, Subway To Sally, Front 242, Jesus On Extasy etc. Including performances at the Wave-Gothic-Treffen 2007 in Leipzig and – as the only unsigned act yet – the Castle Rock VIII in Mülheim/Ruhr, and the play shows and touring 2010 with “Umbra et Imago” … it`s a hard way to the … Late the show begin!

Bam Magera (Jackass) and his friend Matthew Lidwin covert the song „Dance with the Devils“ THE PUSSYBATS

2013 find a new record label Gunn Records/Bellaphon and release in 2014 the album PUSSYPUSSYBANGBANG
Leandra Ophelia Dax „Apoptygma Bezerk“ , „Santiano“ , … play piano and backing vocals on the album.

Start of 2015 is the band with their album “PUSSYPUSSYBANGBANG” the third place of the “Dark Music Award 2014” which will be held by the magazine “Terra Relicta”.

Discography: „Famous Last Songs“, „PUSSYPUSSYBANGBANG“


Sid (Voc)

Mike (Drums)

Marple (Bass)


Famous Last Songs – 2009


Indestructible – 2017