Born in Northern Finland, Kajaani, Skirmish burst forth in 2005 with some of the most aggressive, yet-melodic tunes the world had ever heard. During the first years Skirmish did a couple of self-published recordings, and a bunch of killer shows after being signed to Finnish underground label Violent Journey Records in 2011. With the bands debut, “Through the Abacinated Eyes”, Skirmish unveiled their most aggressive bites to date while shattering the boundaries of traditional metal expectations. The debut album created a curious buzz in the underground scene, and the band got space in metal medias all over the world. If the feedback could be described in one word, it was “fresh”. That is what Skirmish is all about, thrashy metal music with plenty of room for fresh influences from everywhere.

In late 2012 Skirmish recorded a new album. “Jet-Black Days“ is the first release with the current line-up, and will expand the bands expression further comparing to Through the Abacinated Eyes. Fast songs are faster, melodic parts are atmospheric, and the band grooves even more than before. In 2013 Skirmish signed with Eternal Sound Records to publish the album in the October of the same year.


Punisher Niskanen – Vocals

Mikko Kupiainen – Guitar

Markus Salo – Guitar

Panu Heikkinen – Drums

Kalle Raijonkari – Bass


Through the Abacinated Eyes – 2011

Skirmish EP – 2010

Jet-Black Days – 2013