Over thirty countries toured in a decade and the ever variable heavy music. That`s what Finnish Dead Shape Figure is made of.
Started from a narrow corner of thrash metal the band has opened to a much greater fields retaining the straight forward, fistful of energy as the guiding line. Since the very beginning Dead Shape Figure has gone where only a few dares to go: from the smallest clubs on Earth to the biggest open air festivals in Asia and every imaginable European metal venue in between. Accompanied to tours with Samael, Moonspell, Cradle Of Filth, Kataklysm and Iced Earth the band has gained a fan base a former diy-band could only imagine a couple years back. Total enthusiasm is the answer to the question how does Dead Shape Figure keeps their shit together?
It`s not earlier than on the latest works of the band where it`s clearly heard that the band doesn`t only play a certain genre of metal music; it plays Dead Shape Figure. At least during the collaboration in 2012 with Samael`s mr. XY the band learned not to write a sheet or note without a meaning. With their third album Opus Victoria Dead Shape Figure is holding the robe of grandiose to say the least. It`ll be a hell of a next decade.
– Formed in 2003 Helsinki, Finland
– Plays fast, heavy, rocking & dark music
– Has released 3 full-length albums and 1 EP
– Voted by fans as the 2nd best newcomer in Finnish Metal Awards 2009
– Has played hundreds of shows in over 25 countries
– Toured with bands like Cradle Of Filth, Iced Earth, Evergrey, Turisas, Samael, Chimaira


Galzi – Vocals
Juhani Flinck – Guitar
Silver Ots – Guitar
Mohkis – Drums
Neissu – Bass


Opus Victoria (2014) / Eternal Sound Records (Physical)
Opus Victoria (2013) / Dynamic Arts Records (Digital Release)
Deville Ride EP (2011) / Dynamic Arts Records
The Disease Of St. Vitus (2010) / Dynamic Arts Records
Grand Karoshi (2008) / Season Of Mist