Das Scheit



Das Scheit from Frankfurt-area/Germany was founded in 1996 by the members Matthias „Clint“ Scheffler (Voc.), Sascha Becker (Bs, Keys, Progr.), Andrew Sheehan (Guit.) und Christoph Schmitt (Drums). In 1998 the self-distributed debut-album „Das Scheit“ was already recorded and released, and the band was first noticed in the national Gothic-Rock scene.
The raw sound of the early days was often compared as german answer of Industrialbands like White Zombie or Ministry.

In 2001 the second album „…and ice is forming“ was recorded, again self distributed and following the path of the debut, but the first time in a more melodic direction.
After the founding members Andrew and Christoph left the band for personal reasons, Casey Faßbender entered the line-up on guitar.

In 2005 Das Scheit signed their first worldwide record-deal with greek label Black Lotus Records and the third album „Superbitch“ was released, followed by excessive European Tours on which the band could present themselve to a bigger audience the first time. As live-drummer Alex Landenburg entered the band (later known as drummer of Annihilator, Stratovarious, Mekong Delta among others).

Since 2007 Das Scheit was touring through 15 countries in Europe. Beside countless headlining shows they also were supporting To/Die/For, End of Green, Lacrimas Profundere, Mono Inc., Deathstars, Waltari to mention just a few.

2008 Das Scheit found a new home with the german label Twilight Zone Records, where they released the fourth and latest output „So far from god…so close to you“.
The national and international press evidenced the concept-album as the bands matured work up to date. It was more based in the Dark-Rock scene and compared to bands like Deathstars or Paradise Lost. Ulf S. Gokeler joined the line-up on drums until 2011. As guest musicians, singers Michelle Darkness (End of Green) and Jape Perätalo (To/Die/For) appeared on the coverversion of Patty Smith’s „Because the night“.

2013 the band took a longer break, but also started to compose songs for the next, 5th, yet untitled album to be released in 2016. During the recordings of the new album the band and guitarist Casey decided to go part ways due to personal reasons. The band signed to german Indielabel Eternal Sound Records where the new album will see the daylight in March 2016.

Line Up:

Clint S – Vocals /
Sascha Becker – Bass, Guit., Progr.
Michael Stein – Drums
Markus Teske – Keys, Synthz, Progr.


A Darker Kind Of Black (2016)
DAS SCHEIT – So far from God … so close to you (2008)
Superbitch (2005)
… and Ice is forming (2001)