BOBAFLEX is known as one of the hardest working bands in the country. Renowned for their high energy, live shows and relentless touring the band was formed in 1998 by brothers Shaun and Marty McCoy. The brothers are known for their ancestral ties to the most infamous family feud in American history between the Hatfield and McCoy. The interest of the feud has spurred of late a mini-series, many documentaries and an upcoming modern day version series debuting this Fall.

BOBAFLEX will release their 7th album … ANYTHING THAT MOVES in June 2015. The follow up to CHARLATAN’S WEB (2013) that featured the singles BAD MAN, I’M GLAD YOU’RE DEAD and NEVER COMING BACK and HELL IN MY HEART (2011) that featured the singles BURY ME WITH MY GUNS ON, CHEMICAL VALLEY and THE SOUND OF SILENCE.

The band consisting of brothers, Shaun (vocals, guitars) and Marty McCoy (vocals, guitars), Tommy Johnson (drums) and
David Tipple (guitars) and Jymmy Tolland (bass).

Their catalog is rounded out by PRIMITIVE EPIC (2003) on Eclipse Records; APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING (2005) and TALES FROM DIRT TOWN (2007) on TvT Records; and CHEMICAL VALLEY (2010) and HELL IN MY HEART (2011) on their own label, BFX Records.

The band is not dreading on the past anymore as they embattled a troubled label, legal battles and just looking ahead to the future.

Line up:

Marty McCoy – guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy – guitar / vocals
Dave Tipple – guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson – drums
Jymmy Tolland – bass


Primitive Epic (2003)
Apologize For Nothing (2005)
Tales From Dirt Town (2007)
Chemical Valley (2010)
Hell In My Heart (2011)
Charltan’s Web (2013)
… Anything That Moves (coming 2015)